The Importance of Balance

Balance is the key to many aspects of startup success. So, let's discuss how to keep your startup in balance.

The Importance of Balance
Rocks balancing

Have you ever had the pleasure of starting a new workout routine after taking some considerable time off?

I mean, you feel like you’re starting at ground zero.

Hitting reset

And if you push too hard, you pay for it. 

Maybe you feel it immediately. Like muscle cramps, muscle strain, or you possibly even vomit! 

Or maybe you feel it over the long run. And you end up with an overuse injury like plantar fasciitis or some type of tendonitis.

These things easily happen when you push your body beyond what it can handle.

In one of my past professional lives, I was a sports therapist.

One concept that has stuck with me from that time is that it takes the body 10 – 14 days to adjust to new physical stress.  That’s how long it takes your body to support a new level of physical exertion.

This has nothing to do with physical toughness. 

It’s a matter of the time it takes for your body to create enough resources to perform without causing an injury.

I think about this concept almost every time I think about a startup trying to do too much too soon.

With people and workouts, this behavior can lead to injury. 

For startups?  Failure.

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