It's All About The Team!

Your startup team can be a make or break thing. This article discusses how you know which one it is.

It's All About The Team!
Photo by Vlad Hilitanu on Unsplash

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing details about Tabnine and Kite.

They have a lot in common.


Both were founded by brilliant, world-class engineers.


Both were developing an AI pair programming solution.


Both initially targeted niche markets (Kite: Python developers; Tabnine: Java developers).

Though there are a few differences too… 


Kite was funded by A-list Connectors in Silicon Valley.


Kite raised almost 50% more funding than Tabnine by their Series A raise ($24M vs $16.5M).

Despite these apparent advantages, there are a couple more key differences. 

Kite ceased operations in 2022. Tabnine raised a $25M Series C on Nov 8, 2023.

The majority of Kite’s first 20 team members were engineers (75%). Tabnine’s first 20 team members represented many functions (45% engineers).

So, in summary, Tabnine built a well-rounded team.  And they are still operational. 

Tabnine built an awesome business. Not just an awesome product.

And they did it by prioritizing GTM and selling early…Something Kite convinced themselves they couldn’t do.

How each team was constructed is one of the biggest, most obvious differences between these companies. And it helps explain the very different outcomes.

So, how do you know if you have a well-rounded team that can help you create a successful outcome?

It’s simple, really.

You have to ensure your team has the right amount of the 7 Necessary Skills during each phase of your startup.  

Let’s evaluate...

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