How Sardine Netted 135+ B2B Customers In Just 18 Months has built a rocket ship! 🚀 Find out how!

How Sardine Netted 135+ B2B Customers In Just 18 Months
Photo by Fengyou Wan / Unsplash has built a rocket ship! 🚀

Seed to Series B in 25 months. 🔥

Five to 135+ B2B customers in 18 months. 🔥🔥

300% team growth in 2022. 🔥🔥🔥

Check out their ARR growth, based on a range of Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPC) values:

Sardine's M/M growth at different ARPCs

My guess is Sardine’s ARPC started ~$30k. And it’s likely $50k+ now.

This makes sense given their fundraising milestones and shifting mix of customer types (startups ➡️ established banks).

Although, The Information shows Sardine’s revenue at Series B was ~$10M. Meaning, their ARPC is closer to $70k…

In any case, the table above creates a realistic range of Sardine’s revenue growth.

By itself this growth is impressive. But it’s eye-popping compared to industry benchmarks.

Check out how Sardine’s growth plots on Bessemer Venture’s decay curve (with a $50k ARPC):

Sardine has a best-in-class growth curve!

Sardine is on a rare path!

And there is something that stands out as a key differentiator for them...

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