About Groeng

Hi, I'm Carl. 👋

I knew I needed to start Groeng when I saw firsthand the stagnant growth that too many startups face. Especially when I know there is a path to sustainable growth...

So, Groeng was born to help startups create sustainable growth.

I've helped launch new businesses from inside Fortune 100 companies. I've bootstrapped new businesses. And I've been a part of well-funded, VC-backed startups at various early stages.

I've experienced the effort it takes to move from 0 to stable successful. I've experienced the struggles.

Unfortunately, most startups get stuck in the struggle. The internet says ~90% of startups fail.

But failure is subjective. And there's a lot of space between failure and turning into a zombie startup.

For instance, Notion says 60% of startups never hit the $10M ARR milestone. So, even if you avoid outright failure, you're still more likely than not to get stuck in stagnant growth.

This is where Groeng focuses.

My goal is to be a growth engineer. For you.

I will do this in two ways:


My weekly newsletter shares what others have done to grow their startups. It also shares how others failed to grow their startups.

Both views are crucial to understanding what works...and what doesn't.

Every Tuesday, you'll receive neatly packaged and useful research, insights, and practical growth tips. You can expect this information to be structured, detailed, and actionable!

No spam. It's free! And delivered every Tuesday...


Some prefer to work through their business issues by collaborating with their internal leadership team. For them, my weekly newsletters will provide enough fodder to start shaking things up a bit.

Others need some outside perspective.

This is how you can begin to see things that are currently unseen. This is how you will break through patterns and beliefs that are holding you back.

If this is you, let's create some sustainable growth together. I'd love to help you breakthrough!

Overall, please don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of help to you in any way!

No spam. It's free! And delivered every Tuesday...