A Deep Dive With Tabnine

Find out how Tabnine is winning with a well-rounded team.

A Deep Dive With Tabnine

The bedrock of Tabnine’s success is their balanced, capable team.

Here’s what the functional balance looked like at major fundraising milestones:

Tabnine team makeup at Seed
Tabnine team makeup at Series A
Tabnine team makeup at Series B

Tabnine had incredible functional balance. But they also built a team with the right level of skill in each area.

Through the years, Tabnine added 11 senior advisors to the team. And they are still involved!

These are advisors for the entire business. They cover strategy, GTM, product, engineering, sales, and marketing.

Their collective experience is invaluable.

The Tabnine founders are first time founders. But they don’t function like first time founders.

Their vision, strategy, and execution suggest they are not new to this game. And in many ways, they aren’t.  Because their experienced advisors make sure they aren’t.

This takes nothing away from how smart and capable the founders are. If anything, it just highlights that fact.

And the outcome is seen and felt across the business.  Tabnine has:

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