3 Must Haves To See Breakthrough Startup Success

It's true, successful startups do things that others miss...

3 Must Haves To See Breakthrough Startup Success
Triangle patterns

I’m looking for patterns.

I need to understand what successful startups do that struggling startups miss.

What is necessary—if not sufficient—to create a successful startup? 

That question is core to the Groeng journey.

With that focus I’ve identified three points that most successful startups have in common.

These are 3 Must Haves to see breakthrough startup success:

  1. You must understand what your target customers value.
  2. You must create your own unique playbook. 
  3. You must build a complete team with the skills and experience to execute your unique playbook.

Individually, each of these has value. But when integrated, they become incredibly powerful. 

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